Hydraulic Extend Outriggers

The hydraulic extend in/out outrigger for the crane side of the truck body is standard on the 10,000 lbs. and larger cranes. However, this is an optional feature on the smaller cranes in lieu of a manual extend outrigger. The hydraulic controls are located at the rear of the body, above the rear bumper surface.

Manual Crank Outriggers

Manual crank outriggers are available for the smaller size crane models, and up to the H7024 crane. They provide an easy and affordable way to stabilize the body for up to a 7000-pound crane load.

Manual Extend Outriggers

A manual extend outrigger, on the crane side of the body, is standard with our smaller size hydraulic crane models - up to the H7024 crane. With an easy pull of the handle, the extended outrigger provides the necessary stability for lifting loads.

Center Outrigger Controls

Maintainer keys in on crane safety by installing the outrigger controls at the center rear of the vehicle. That gives you better visibility while extending the outriggers. We'll also recess the controls so they are not in your way when working.


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