Maintainer Advantage


Maintainer's 2017 models have improved:

  • Lube_truck_of_tomorrow_pic.pngSafety
  • Ergonomics
  • Efficiency
  • More room for tools and product
Maintainer's 2017 models have achieved maximum weight savings with aluminum doors, composite tanks, and stainless steel workbench bumpers.
The new Lube Truck of Tomorrow design was optimized using FEA analysis. These new-designed, lighter weight service trucks allow the operators to maximize payload while still remaining road legal!


Customers that choose Maintainer are making a wise investment into their business. By using superior design, the highest quality materials and world-class manufacturing processes, Maintainer truck bodies are designed and built to handle the toughest environments AND last longer than any other truck bodies in the industry! Many of our customers will re-mount their Maintainer bodies one or two or more times onto new chassis as the original chassis wears out!


Maintainer truck bodies are built with 11, 12 & 14 gauge A60 Galvannealed material that is strong and corrosion resistant. Our cabinet doors are made from 3/16" thick aluminum, which makes for a more fuel efficient vehicle weight, and yet are some of the strongest cabinet doors on the road.



Maintainer truck bodies are built strong with cross-members on 12" centers. There is no compromise in quality when designing your truck for your toughest jobs.


Maintainer engineers our storage space with your business in mind. Our design allows for up to 62" high cabinets on our Signature Series designs with reinforced cabinet floors and infinitely adjustable shelving. We protect your tools & equipment with a recessed door design that keeps water out while washing or during
Weatherstripping_-_NEW.pngrain. We use an automotive grade EPDM weatherstripping with metal-reinforced gasket clips for maximum durability. We use 3-point D-Ring latches that enhance the seal and locks in your equipment. PSS.jpgPlus most of our customers install our patented Pressurized Storage System to keep dust and moisture out of the compartment. Our gas-spring door holders run parallel to doors when closed to save space and keep doors under control in any conditions.
Install Maintainer's DuaLock Drawer Systems, which lock in both the In AND Out positions, and you have the best organization and storage tools on the market today!

Dualock Drawers


We continue to engineer upgrades to our Maintainer telescoping cranes. Check out the Cranes page to see the Advantages of choosing Maintainer Cranes!


Short Tower Crane

A very popular style in the industry, Maintainer cranes can be manufactured with the short tower style and installed on the driver or curb side of the vehicle.






Tall Tower Crane

Maintainer's Tall Tower design has a distinct advantage. We like this design due to the lower center of gravity. This provides more stability when driving the truck and braking. Another advantage of this design is that the tower structure is tied directly into the beefed up substructure of our truck bodies. Short towers must tie into a reinforced compartment. So the tall tower actually saves overall vehicle weight!

Safety Conscious

sidestep_access.pngMaintainer truck bodies incorporate many of the latest safety features. Our outrigger controls are centrally located for optimal view of potential obstructions or people. We add 3-point contacts for climbing safety, optional side steps, and optional lighted steps. Our cranes are loaded with safety features. We round edges to avoid cutting you skin or clothes. Backup cameras, decals, alarms, lighting, and other features are added to enhance safety at the job site.

outrigger_controls.png backup_cameras.png 


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